The Principal’s Message

Rev. Sr. Deepa Fernando

Hello, and Welcome to HFCPPA.

I extend my sincere congratulations to the new committee. Thank you Sudharshana, for accepting once again the position of the President of the PPA and agreeing to carry out the many duties and responsibilities.

I thank all outgoing members for the dedicated services rendered during your tenure. You worked with deep commitment and worked tirelessly for the progress of the school and focused on maintaining Familian traditions and values. Thank you.

I am aware that each one of you is ready to support the school with a deep sense of loyalty and sincere gratitude which you possess towards your Alma Mater where you were nurtured and moulded to be the responsible individuals you are today.

The services rendered by the past pupils are truly wonderful. At various times the past pupils work for the progress of the school and the students in different ways. They share their knowledge, experience and expertise with students and also extend financial support to some students who require such assistance due to personal reasons. My sincere thanks are extended to each and every one of these great individuals for their generosity and support.

With God’s blessings may the activities of the PPA progress from strength to strength.

Rev. Sr. Deepa Fernando

Rev. Sr. Deepa Fernando - Principal