Our Milestones

The PPA as we know it today, was inaugurated on 17th March 1934, on St. Patrick’s Day, by Rev. Mother Gonzaga, the Superior of the Convent at the time.

Golden Jubilee Year of the School. Mrs. Trissette Perera headed the Jubillee Committee. A grand Dinner held at Galle Face Horel, with Lord Soulbury who was the Governor General of the country at the time, as Chief Guest.

The Silver Jubillee of the Association celebrated in 1959. A Carnival was held in the School grounds organized by the Past Pupils.

The Welfare Society was born, comprising Past Pupils, their husbands, Parents and Well wishers being the Founder members. Days when all dedicated Familians went with the begging bowl to collect money to pay Teachers salaries and run the school.

A Carnival was organized to collect much needed funds for the School.

The 75th Jubilee of the School. Mrs Annette Peiris organized the Mass and Jubilee Luncheon for 350 Past Pupils held in school.

Carnival and Exhibition,”Family in Society” organized which ran for 10 days.1978Carnival and Exhibition,”Family in Society” organized which ran for 10 days.
1st Familian Dance held at Hotel Intercontinental, called “Jubilee Dance”. Proceeds used to inaugurate a Scholarship Fund for deserving students of Holy Family.

First public Fashion Show organized, called “Femme” held at Hotel Holiday Inn.

Coffee Morning held at Women’s International Club.

Golden Jubilee of the Association. Fun Fair organized jointly with all School associations/ organisations.

Organized a “Coffee Evening” “Carousel”, at which the British High Commissioner was the Chief Guest.1991″Familian Fantasy” a Fun Fair organized.

“Mistleto Magic” Dinner Dance held at the Hotel Holiday Inn in December in aid of constructing the Auditorium.

First “Familian Walk” held successfully. Proceeds given to purchase chairs for the Auditorium.

Diamond Jubilee of the Association. Thanksgiving Evening Benediction and Social held to celebrate as well as Jubilee “Brunch”.

A Dinner Dance held at Hotel Oberoi.

Inaugurated the Fund for the Retirement Home for Familians. Land donated by His Lordship Bishop Oswald Gomis.

Second successful “Familian Walk “held.
First “Awards Night” held where Familians who distinguished themselves in various walks of life were feted and given a Medal.

Organized a “Coffee Evening” and a Third successful “Familian Walk”.

Centenary Year of the School .
Concelebrated Mass in the quadrangle,
A Dinner Dance at Hotel Hilton,
Sit down Dinner at Hotel Intercontinental.

An “Archives” capturing the history and happening of the PPA and the school was set up.

First PPA health camp.
Setting up a dedicated PPA website.
Setting up a PPA common database.